Hosted by Dr. Nicole Tschierske

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23 September, 19:00 CET/ 1 pm EST

12 September

Nicole Trick Steinbach

“Dialling up Our Bravery to Build the Life of Our Dreams”

Katie Stoddart

“Stop Procrastination, Train Your ‘Focus Muscle’ and Stay Energised”

Isa Valdez

“How to Get Comfortable Talking About Your Work and Yourself”

13 September

Tiffany Dawson

How to Craft a Career Strategy (It’s Not Just for Senior Executives)”

Marcia Buxton

“Your Cultural Identity and How It Enriches Our Workplaces”

Jo Riches

“The First Steps to Build Confidence and Overcome Impostor Syndrome”

14 September

Shola Kaye

“The Art of Speaking Clearly: Bring Your Point Across in Meetings”

Erin Gallimore

“Do This, Not That When You Start Your First Leadership Position”

15 September

Angela Warm

“How to Support Your Work and Career by Eating Healthy”

Abigail Wald

“Connection Strategies for Parenting and Leadership.”

16 September

Katherine Ann Byam

“How to Create Time, Scale Your Productivity and Stay Energised”

Melissa Carson

“How to Deal With Your Inner Bully and Negative Feedback”

17 September

Dr. Lisa DeAngelis

“How to Create Your Own Talent Track”

Melonie de Guzman

“Stepping Into Your Power Instead of Waiting for Permission”

18 September

Estelle Roux-Stevens

“The Why, What and How of Working With a Career Mentor”

Dr. Nicole Tschierske

“Start Building Your Problem Solving Skills”